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K1shop - Beginners advise

First of all we want to welcome all new beginners in the fight scene! Every gym is always pleased to get new members.. not to make money but having the oppertunity to forward their experience. Every gym has a goal and that is to be the best.

Most starters do not know what gear they need in the beginning. first you need your protection.. in our experience we noticed that many people do not have decent protection gear.  Make sure you get decent protection gear for your Martial arts sport. The experienced also learned us that most people don't know what kind of gloves and what kind of shinguards they need to buy.

in all cases no matter what martial arts sport it is important to buy gloves that have a thicker padding. This is to protect your own hands & wrists but also to protect your sparrings partner. The protection works 2 ways. for example if you need boxing gloves and you are 15 and up we advise you to get 14oz gloves. they are a little bit bigger but offer good protection in both ways.

it's important that your shin and foot will be properly protected because in the beginning you don't know how to kick! a shinguard with thicker padding will be good.

There are various models on the market but it is important to get an mouthguard that is made for the upper teeth and has also a small lower teeth protection. do not get a mouthguard that has upper and lower theeth protection, these do not work because you don't get enough air

undergarments/groin protection:
Very important when you ever want to get childeren! make sure you get a decent one with elastic band so that it suits good.

It is important to know that handwraps have 2 functions. 1st function is to take all the sweat during the training and 2nd is to  give the wrist a little more support. on youtube you can find many videos how to wrap your hands properly.

Depending on which martial arts sport you are doing you can always buy a headguard, body protector and hand/arm protectors. 

The golden rule: protection is a must! The dentist and the hospital are much more expensive!


Remember martial arts is not about learning how to fight on the streets.

Martial arts is about:
- Finding your mind and your body 
- Learning how to defend
- Realizing only idiots get into fights
- Getting new friends
- Getting smarter