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Which size do i need?


Depending on build, grade, age and weight each person has a different OZ boxinggloves

Boxinggloves OZ        Age Grade Weight
4oz   6 to 8   Childeren   - 
6oz   6 to 8   Childeren   -
8oz   8 to 9 Youth To 50kg
10oz   10 to13  Youth 60kg +
12oz   13 to 20 Novice

60kg to 70kg

14oz   16 +  All grades (weight is keyfactor)   70kg to 85kg
16oz   16 + All grades (weight is keyfactor)  80kg to 95kg
18oz    -  Heavyweight Heavyweight
20oz    - Heavyweight Heavyweight   


All our shirts have a normal fit. If it is a slimfit or loose fit we will add this information in our product discription.


Each short has a different model the size chart will  if a short has a different fit we will add this information in our product discription

EU Jeans size          short size    
Length: 28 or 29                       XS
Length: 30 or 31   S
Length: 31 or 32   M
Length: 33 or 34   L
Length: 34 or 36   XL
Length: 36 or 38   XXL

Note: most shorts have a elastic waist band ord a cord to adjust the fit.


Schin length         Schinguard size        
untill 30cm   Childeren
30cm   S
31cm   M
33cm   L
37cm   XL
39cm   XXL